Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it ain’t great!

Join me for this 30 minute pick-me-up class. It’s a great way to experience an online Qi Gong class for beginners. It’s easy-to-do, short, fun and good for you.

Anyone is welcome.

Zoom is our preferred online meeting platform. If you haven’t used it before, get in touch with me and I’ll talk you through it. (It’s super easy!)

I do gladly accept tips, and work hard to earn them. You can contribute when you book your class, if you like.

Booking Instructions:

Please click the green date block below, then the green time block, then the Book Now button to book your space in the class.





I love teaching this wonderful, ancient Chinese system of co-ordinating movement, breath and meditation. Qi Gong is such a great way to calm down, build strength and feel great.

This class is 30 minute.  I prepare gentle exercise routines that are easy to follow, and quick to pick up. You will remain upright for the whole class, so you only need place to stand. It’s better to wear comfortable, loose clothing, but you can do it in almost any attire.

We’ll learn about and practice:
  • A special breathing technique called Dantian breathing
  • Tapping techniques.
  • Exercises for specific organs in your body.
As an extra bonus for you: I like to end my classes with a guided meditation. It’s a nice way to set a great tone for the rest of your day.
Got questions? Get in touch with me