Tai Chi Intermediate


This class is perfect for students who are learning the 4, 10 and 24 form, Yang style.

I’m only offering online classes at present, due to lockdown.

I’m looking forward to see my local students back at St Katherines Hall, Katherine Drive, Dunstable soon. (I miss interacting with you all, very much!)

Students who pay by standing order, click to: Join us





Have you been feeling stressed, frustrated, concerned or worried lately? Have you got Corona blues? If so, you must join me in this class. (It’s one of my all-time favorites!)

As you probably know already, Tai Chi offers you many benefits. It reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It also improves sleep, muscle strength, balance and flexibility.

My teaching style is light, caring, and fun. Our classes are intimate and community-based, and include international participants. Anyone is welcome to join us.